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Part of the HGWHUA's role is to aid Umpire's in their understanding and application of the rules of the game, including disciplinary procedure. We have provided several useful resources, which we hope will help.

Update to Red Card and MMO Regulations 2016 / 11 Sep 16

EH Statement - 'Following representations from the regional hockey associations and umpires we have updated the red card and matchday misconduct offence regulations so that from the start of the 2016/17 season any player who received a red car after committing a minor offence for a second time, having received a yellow card for the first offence, will no longer automatically receive a 16 day ban. This brings the rest of the sport in line with the EHL regulations.

We would also stress that offences involving the use or threat of violence or verbal abuse will continue to be treated seriously and will incur a minimum 16 day suspension.'

The Red Card report Form will still have to be completed where a red card is issued following a second yellow and the updated form can be found under Coaching & Discipline.

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Communication from EH Umpiring - Penalties for Dissent / 23 Oct 15

There has been some recent confusion over what personal penalties (cards) and team penalties (free hit or PC) should be awarded for fouls and dissent by players in the 23m that they are defending. As a result, NPUA has contacted FIH for clarity and an agreed position with FIH has now been arrived at.

Read the NPUA guidance, which has the full backing of England Hockey.

HGWHUA Umpire Coaching & Grading Policy, 2014 / 22 Nov 14

This policy document is now available and can be downloaded below...

HGWHUA Umpire Coaching & Grading Policy, 2014

2013 Pre-Season Coaching Evening - microphone/headsets, positioning and the control ladder/pyramid / 13 Sep 13

At the recent joint HGWHUA & Avon & Somerset HUA Pre Season coaching evening held on Tuesday 10 Sep 13, we were very pleased to offer to those attending a talk by Rich Shaw, a local FIH umpire from Bristol, on his ideas about the use of microphone/headsets, positioning and the control ladder/pyramid. A copy of the presentation he used to outline his thoughts and that contributed to a very stimulating and positive discussion can be downloaded below...

Rich Shaw's Presentation

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